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Battery Pack Build

Combine parallel groups into a complete battery pack
Manufacturer: thisguyhere
SKU: battery-pack-build

This item is only available through custom orders.

Please contact me through these means to start an order:

Important Note:

Only select this service with 30q cells, with Parallel Group Assembly selected, already added to the shopping cart.

Also, if you intend on installing your own BMS, the PVC shrink will NOT be fitted.  Instead, the shrink will be included separately in the package for you to wrap yourself.  PVC is 100mm diameter by 3 feet.




This service combines your parallel groups into a battery pack in the "U" turn configuration:




All packs will put under testing prior to shipping. This entails cells drained to 3v per cell, then charged to 4.2v per cell, then drained to 3.6v per cell for shipping.  Will add 3-4 days to delivery.

Pack Features:

  • Series connections made with 1/2" (12mm) flat braided copper strand (rated above 100amp)
  • Main connection leads with 10awg silicone wire
  • Pack is then wrapped in clear PVC

Please check here to determine total pack dimensions.

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